Shooting Film. Updates.

I really don’t blog enough. I *want* to blog all the time, but I think I get distracted, or maybe I just really don’t like wordpress. I’ve got so much history here though, it’s a huge undertaking to migrate to another format.

I’ve been shooting film a lot, maybe for 6 months straight, exclusively. I’ve sold off most of my Canon digital lenses. Picked up some Leica lenses to go with my M6 (a 50mm Summicron, and a 28mm Elamrit). I really love the portability. I’m not certain the “picture quality” is any different than with my Canon Elan7 or my Nikon F3, but I enjoy the compactness of leaving the house with my Leica and a 28mm lens. Oh that reminds me, I wrote a “5 frame with” article on 35mmc blog (here). I think it inspired me to start writing again, or at least rambling along..

I’m really enjoying the process of shooting film, coming home, developing, seeing results. It’s given me the photography bug that i’ve been lacking for years. Now I want to knock out some darkroom printing!

I’ve been updating my flickr on a regular basis, and started a new instagram @static.iso to showcase my film only shots.

Check it out!

Hiking the 10mi Ameri-trail

Over the weekend, I decided to put my new hiking boots on and go break them in with a fast 10 mile hike. It was an 85 degree day out, and I wasn’t looking forward to being drenched in sweat, so I loaded my backpack with 4 liters of water, my cooking setup, a freeze dried meal, some granola bars, and various first aid/emergency gear. Traffic was light, and it was only a 45 minute drive up to Lake Houston Wilderness Park, and only cost me $3 to enter for the day! 

The hike was great, while it was super hot, I got completely soaked through with sweat, the bugs really didn’t bother me, except when I stopped, which accounted for my (what felt like) amazing pace!

GPS Log – Hike Track – Ameri-Trail 10 Miles

I brought my hiking poles and they ended up being quite helpful, as the trail mostly followed the creek so there was a lot of up and down in the first half of it. My pack was barely that heavy, maybe 10lbs, with the water, I really should have brought more, to punish myself harder, but ehh, it was just a day hike.

The trip back up the “gun club road” really sucked. The windy part was probably 60+ year old blacktop that had not ever been maintained, it was full of rocks, broken blacktop, holes, mud, and bugs. It was uncomfortable to walk on after already hiking about 5 miles. After the right turn, it turned into a pipeline service road, that was crushed concrete and zero shade. It was pretty long, straight, and boring, and I had the sun beating down on me. I almost would recommend someone just turning around once they hit the “Gun Club Road” and hiking the whole thing backwards, just to avoid the road.

It was a warm welcome getting back into the shaded woods, with soft dirt under my feet. I hiked the last 1.5 miles pretty dang quick, since I was almost out of water and my pack was super light by that time. Once I got back to my car, I turned it on to get the AC flowing, and changed out of my boots.. No blisters!

Got home, made some soup for dinner, and passed out. Only to wake up to a 65 degree weather outside! Why did I hike in the heat when it is so nice out the next day!?

2014 Houston BPMS150 Ride

Again it’s that time of the year, only four more weeks and I’ll be riding my bicycle from Houston to Austin, TX. The ride is to raise funding for multiple sclerosis. I’d love for everyone to donate to my cause! You can donate as little as $10 or as much as you’d like.

My MS150 Page with donate link:

Multiple sclerosis is a progressive neurological disease that affects people in many different ways. It could be paralysis one day, loss of vision the next or impaired memory the day after that. Living with MS means living with uncertainty.

MS150 Finish Line Michael
MS150 Finish Line



If money wasn’t an issue in life…

I was thinking today, if I could do anything with my life and money wasn’t an issue, these are the things i’d do:

  1. Own land
    1. Ride Dirt Bikes
    2. Own a jeep again
    3. Build my own house from complete scratch
    4. Fish
    5. I think i’d need at least 200 acres!
  2. Photography
    1. Mostly travel or nature, or maybe public events
    2. figure out how to get into doing major sporting events on the field like baseball and football games..
    3. build my own studio warehouse, where i could photograph large things, like cars and motorcycles in house with full lighting setups.
    4. work on a movie set as a photographer
    5. have enough good photos to hold an exhibit somewhere
  3. Bicycles
    1. I’d like to ride a lot, maybe from my house to my photography studio every day :)
    2. Build – i want to learn how to build bicycles and completely build my own stable of different bikes from the frame up.
    3. i’d love to setup some type of charity where we build bikes for underprivileged kids.
  4. Fun Stuff
    1. I’d buy a good quality saxophone and play it again. I dreamed I was playing in a jazz club the other night, made me miss it.
    2. Learn to be a chef
    3. Take vacations with the kids.
    4. Stay in shape!
    5. Get back to volunteering regularly. It’s been so long.
    6. (With my Jeep) – Go on a Jeep Jamboree someday.
    7. Mountain Bike in amazing places like Colorado, Utah and some of the US’s famous parks.
    8. Get dual citizenship with the UK, so i can spend a few months in England with all my family whenever I want.

Cycling! A whole new hobby

So I’ve recently got into cycling. It’s been an awesome way to exercise and super fun.

I picked up a bunch of awesome gear from Amazon:
Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet
Shimano 105 PD-5700 SPD SL Pedal
Shimano SH-R087 Road Bike Shoes – Men’s
Pearl Izumi Attack Short
Pearl Izumi Men’s Quest Jersey

Pretty much everything is working out great! I’m normally a size 9.5US in Nike shoes and went with the 44 Shimano road shoes, I think maybe a 43.5 would have been better, but I’ve used them a lot so it’s too late to return them. Clipping in to the 105 pedals is pretty easy, although I did fall off at a stop light on the first ride! Shorts are great and highly recommended!

Ryobi s430 4-Stroke leaky gas cap.

My 4-Stroke Ryobi S430 Weed Trimmer has been great, I’ve not had problems like others have had with their, except it leaks gas on my right arm my from the fuel cap breather while I’m weed eating.

I haven’t hung it up in my garage because when I do, it constantly drips fuel out. I’m about to see if I can find a non-vented cap for storage, so I can hang it up without leaking. I know it needs the breather to run. I kinda wish I spent more money for a better built unit.

Any ideas?

Birthday Gifts – Kindle

My parents got me a Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Pearl Display for my birthday today. They also picked it up with a Kindle Leather Cover, which is a VERY nicely made leather cover. I’m not sure I’d want the lighted one, but I will enjoy it. The Kindle was a snap to get setup and registered. Now I just have to finish the paper books I’m in the middle of so I can get to reading on the Kindle. My dilemma: Rebuy paper books on the kindle and “amazon store” the old ones? Or finish reading my paper books and then sell and buy new E-Books?

Also to test.. PDFs! I’ve got a ton of Manuals on pdf i’d like to convert to the Kindle.

Another nice thing I noticed.. Amazon gives away Free Classics!! AWESOME!

Oh here’s an awesome video I came across. Looks great fullscreen!

Trip to the Dewberry Farm

My parents and I took my kids to the Dewberry Farm this weekend. The kids loved it!


I took a TON of photos, which I have not done in a long time. Reminds me how muchI love being behind the camera.. Although there’s not one picture of me.. One day the kids will have all these pictures of themselves growing up, but none with their dad, ’cause he’s always behind the camera!

Was a long day but we had a blast. I’m still worn out 24 hours later hahaha.