If money wasn’t an issue in life…

I was thinking today, if I could do anything with my life and money wasn’t an issue, these are the things i’d do:

  1. Own land
    1. Ride Dirt Bikes
    2. Own a jeep again
    3. Build my own house from complete scratch
    4. Fish
    5. I think i’d need at least 200 acres!
  2. Photography
    1. Mostly travel or nature, or maybe public events
    2. figure out how to get into doing major sporting events on the field like baseball and football games..
    3. build my own studio warehouse, where i could photograph large things, like cars and motorcycles in house with full lighting setups.
    4. work on a movie set as a photographer
    5. have enough good photos to hold an exhibit somewhere
  3. Bicycles
    1. I’d like to ride a lot, maybe from my house to my photography studio every day :)
    2. Build – i want to learn how to build bicycles and completely build my own stable of different bikes from the frame up.
    3. i’d love to setup some type of charity where we build bikes for underprivileged kids.
  4. Fun Stuff
    1. I’d buy a good quality¬†saxophone¬†and play it again. I dreamed I was playing in a jazz club the other night, made me miss it.
    2. Learn to be a chef
    3. Take vacations with the kids.
    4. Stay in shape!
    5. Get back to volunteering regularly. It’s been so long.
    6. (With my Jeep) – Go on a Jeep Jamboree someday.
    7. Mountain Bike in amazing places like Colorado, Utah and some of the US’s famous parks.
    8. Get dual citizenship with the UK, so i can spend a few months in England with all my family whenever I want.

Cycling! A whole new hobby

So I’ve recently got into cycling. It’s been an awesome way to exercise and super fun.

I picked up a bunch of awesome gear from Amazon:
Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet
Shimano 105 PD-5700 SPD SL Pedal
Shimano SH-R087 Road Bike Shoes – Men’s
Pearl Izumi Attack Short
Pearl Izumi Men’s Quest Jersey

Pretty much everything is working out great! I’m normally a size 9.5US in Nike shoes and went with the 44 Shimano road shoes, I think maybe a 43.5 would have been better, but I’ve used them a lot so it’s too late to return them. Clipping in to the 105 pedals is pretty easy, although I did fall off at a stop light on the first ride! Shorts are great and highly recommended!

LeatherCraft 1539 18 Multi-Compartment Tool Carrier

I’m constantly struggling with keeping my network tool bag organized. It’s great after I organize it, but one job needs to be done and it’s completely disorganized again.

I have a ton of tools, carry everything I need to install network cabling, turn up T1 lines, troubleshoot analog lines, I can even do basic electrical work with what’s in my bag. It’s exploding with stuff, since I carry everything I could possibly need.

So I’ve been looking into a new bag.

The one I’m probably going to settle on is: Custom LeatherCraft 1539 18 Multi-Compartment Tool Carrier. It looks like it’ll do the trick. My current bag is a “bucketmouth” type bag, so there’s not really much organization, it’s so full of stuff I can’t zip it, so maybe this one will be great!

Kamailio – Changing the From URI for Level3

So Level3 uses the E.164 recommendation for sending caller information. The problem with this is that they send a + prefix to the phone number. The problem with sending the + in the caller number, is that a common desk phone (Polycom/Cisco/Yealink/Aastra) will try to make an IP call to the number, or just fail. It seems like only cell phones handle the + character in a number.

So to keep that plus out of the network, I added the following code to my kamailio.cfg to “filter” out the + before sending to the caller.

$avp(s:from) = $(fu{re.subst,/\+1//g});
  if ($(avp(s:from){s.len}) == 0) { $avp(s:from)  = $fu; }

Maybe there is a better way, but this is working in production. Let me know if anyone has a better method!

Cisco OIP – Registering deals can suck

Sometimes the Cisco OIP program can be a pain in the ass!

Another partner registers the deal. You are awarded the business, taking less margin than the behemoth vendor in town, to get the deal. Now you’d like to increase your margins and you aren’t able to get the best pricing because behemoth vendor has protected pricing.

Kinda makes for an unfair advantage, and prohibits Cisco’s other partners from growing their business. Keeping the big guy in town big and the small guys small.

My suggestion, OIP Rebate program. When the deal is registered by someone else, but I am awarded the business. I should get that OIP discount as a rebate check.

Come on Cisco! Help your partners grow!

The Microsoft/Android war: Which patents are at stake?

Good article over at Network World about Patents Microsoft has claimed to hold. I’ve blogged about the silliness of patents like this in the past. People at the patent offices must be not tech savvy. I would NEVER have let such vague patents be allowed through.

Check some of them out: The Microsoft/Android war: Which patents are at stake?

Get an array of months in perl

I had a need to build an array of months between a set month and the current month. My purpose was to let the user choose a month to build a report for.

I’m using HTML::Mason, but you get the idea.

You’ll need Date::Manip::Recur

<select name="months" id="months">
% # Loop through the date objects
% for (@dates) {
%   # Assign the current month value to a scalar.
%   my $curMonth = $_->value();
%   # I only cared to see YYYYMM so I regex'd it.
%   $curMonth =~ s/^(\d{4})(\d{2}).*$/$1$2/;
      <option value="<% $curMonth %>"><% parseMonth($curMonth) %></option>
% }

# Returns a date like "2011-01-01"
my $monStart = getOldestEntry($account);

use Date::Manip::Recur;
  my $recur = new Date::Manip::Recur;
  # Parse out the first of the month for every month since start until today.
  my $err = $recur->parse('0:0*0:0:0:0:0',$monStart,$monStart,"Today");
  # Return an array object of dates
  my @dates = $recur->dates();

sub parseMonth {
use Time::Local;
use Date::Format;
  my $md = shift;

  # Match on YYYYMM
  $date =~ m/^(\d{4})(\d{2})/;
  my $year = $1; my $mon = $2;

  # Convert to epoch
  my $time = timelocal(0,0,0,1,$mon-1,$year);

# Return back (%B %Y) as "August 2010"
return(time2str("%B %Y", $time));